In the digital world that we reside in today, companies and organizations that find themselves in potential litigation, the requirements for collection of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) has become critical for legal actions. The court system requirements for handling ESI have exceeded the knowledgebase of the IT ACE Logoprofessional. The need for expertise and methodology that is an automated, repeatable and in a defensible manner has become essential to litigation. TJ Westlake utilizes the state of the art technologies that encompass the process of identification, collection, preservation and analysis that can interface will any legal team in the presentation of a case.

TJ Westlake is partnered with AccessData and their AD eDiscovery solution that is based on the industry standard, Forensic Toolkit® (FTK). The AD eDiscovery solution and TJ Westlake’s expertise, includes the entire Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) recognized by the legal system as a requirement in ESI defensibility before the court system. TJ Westlake eDiscovery services are designed to automate the EDRM thus removing the expensive manual collection and analysis and assisting in lowering the overhead costs of the eDiscovery process.

TJ Westlake can help prepare for and resolve:
• Preservation Practices
• Scope of Discovery
• Accessibility of ESI
• Production of Metadata
• Costs & Burden to Produce ESI
• Forms of Production
• Privilege Issues and Waiver
• Variations from FRCP and Local Rules
• Inventory of IT Infrastructure (Data Map)
• Other Information that may be important to eDiscovery efforts